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Pilgrimage to France

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  • 2024-11-12 - 2024-11-21
  • Tuesday, 12:00 AMto12:00 AM (Everyday)

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Pilgrimage to France

2024-11-12 0:00 to 2024-11-21 0:00
November 12, 2024


Pilgrimage to France

2024-11-12 0:00 to 2024-11-21 0:00
November 12, 2024


Join Father Gregory Kandt for an inspiring and customized pilgrimage to France.  Our journey traverses some of the most beautiful parts of France – from Normandy to Paris and to areas in and around Dijon, Annecy, and Geneva (in Switzerland). 

We will walk in the footsteps of some of the most important visionary men and women of faith – people who offered new ways to respond to the exigencies of their time, bringing the Gospel to life.  We begin in the charming town of Lisieux to explore the life and times of St. Therese of Lisieux. We travel to Paris via Alencon (birthplace of St. Therese) and Versailles (the magnificent palace constructed by Louis XIV and the center of French royal life and politics). 

In Paris our focus will be on sites associated with St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac who founded orders that addressed the plight of the poor.  We then head southeast toward Dijon, stopping in Avon-Fontainebleau to see the Carmelite center.  Dijon is a historic town at the center of a rich wine growing and agricultural region blessed with inventive cuisine and art.  We continue the theme of our program visiting sites associated with visionary saints including Elizabeth of the Trinity and the Dijon Carmel. 

We continue to Ars to explore the life and times of the Cure’ of Ars before traveling to the breathtakingly beautiful town of Annecy and finally, to Geneva.  We will celebrate Eucharist in historic venues and enjoy local cuisine and wine throughout our program. 

The itinerary is a feast for the soul, for the eyes, and for the palate – savoring the spiritual and cultural heritage of France. 

For more information about the itinerary, costs, and registration (suggested by April 12), visit:  https://www.travelillume.com/trc/ary   Or call Illume at:  617-367-6757 ex 128